The cornerstone of national health, consumer sovereignty and distribution advancement


NS World Co., Ltd. has developed the NS Code system that coded the Production History System and based on the corporate philosophy of “Respect for Life” spreading the NS Code through the technology of the experts of the research institute and the strategy of employees of the head office.

NS Code is an abbreviation of ‘New Environmental Protection & Safety Code System’ and is a consumer-oriented production history tracking code designed to enable consumers to directly identify environmental and food safety issues.

The production history system is a system that examines the environment and safety from the birth of the food (commodity), and records and manages information from manufacturing, cultivation, production and sales to contribute to consumers’ beliefs and consumption.

In advanced countries such as Europe, Japan, and the US, consumers who are already very interested in food hygiene and safety voluntarily demand information on the product’s history. Thus, the need of production history system emerges as enterprises produce product transparently and get reliability.

The NS Code system is a system to track the production history and to cope with the safety of food (product) in case of safety problems. This system can ensure the transparency of distribution and prevent false labeling of origin of food (product) information. We are a leader in the production tracking system that allows consumers to buy with confidence, knowing the information in advance.

In addition to spreading NS Code, NS World Co., Ltd. continues to make efforts to protect people’s health and rights as a consumer, while expanding the scope of application through various technologies such as entry, customs clearance, distribution and education through continuous technology development. And, we will make every effort to be the cornerstone of advanced distribution system in the world.

Chairman 회장님-서명


  • Before 2000
    • 1983. 10. Started to study of intercellular energy transfer mechanism
    • 1992. 01. Research completed (patent for invention)
    • 1992. 05. Started research on “Food Safety Environment Pollution Prevention System” using Internet electronic information processing technology
    • 1996. 06. Invention relating to intercellular energy transfer (Invention patent no. 095484) Application field: agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, fisheries, lighting industry, medical industry (method of promoting plant growth using artificial moonlight)
    • 1999. 03. Started to design database of ‘Food Safety Environment Pollution Prevention System’
    • 1999. 06. ‘Food safety environmental pollution prevention system combined with compound information system’ and software (patent application)
    • 1999. 08. ‘Tracking system for traceability of genetically modified foods (goods)’ using information and communication system Software (copyright registration)
    • 1999. 09. ‘Livestock manure processing information system’ software (copyright registration)
    • 1999. 10. Participation in the International Environment Fair in Hanam ‘Food Safety Environment Pollution Prevention System’ linked to the Internet
    • 1999. 12. Founded a research institute
  • 2000
    • 2000. 03. ‘Business Safety Model for Environmental Protection of Food Safety Using Online Zone’ (International Patent Application)
    • 2000. 03. Completed first stage of ‘Database of food safety and environmental pollution prevention system’
    • 2000. 06. ‘How to Identify the Production Background of Product by Barcode’ (Domestic Patent Application)
    • 2000. 09. Publication of Korean version of NS CODE / Copyright Registration (International Standard Book Registration Number: ISBN 89-951699-0-7 03000)
  • 2001
    • 2001. 01. Developed NS CODE reader and printer
    • 2001. 02. Publication of Korean version of NS CODE (3rd edition)
    • 2001. 04. Publication of NS CODE booklet (International Standard Book Number: ISBN 89-951699-0-7 03000)
    • 2001. 06. ‘How to identify the production background of the product by barcode’ (international patent application)
  • 2002
    • 2002. 02. Opened website of NS CODE
    • 2002. 03. Opened NS CODE Japanese site
    • 2002. 08. Obtained a patent for inventing a product background method by NS CODE (United Kingdom, patent number): GB2368952
  • 2003
    • 2003. 04. Lecture by the World Trade Association (Subject: Food Safety and Environmental Lecture)
    • 2003. 08. Consultation on safety management of agricultural products exported to Japan (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
    • 2003. 09. Consulting on the safety management of fresh agricultural products (Agricultural and Fisheries Distribution Corporation Education)
    • 2003. 11. Measures to secure agricultural and marine products safety through NS CODE (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
  • 2004~2007
    • 2004. 07. Invited lecture by Japan Business Federation (NS CODE and distribution)
    • 2007. 06. Opened NS CODE website
  • 2008
    • 2008. 05. Ministry of Environment, garbage bag, fish net real name introduction meeting (1st meeting)
    • 2008. 06. Introduction meeting with the Ministry of Environment on Production History Tracking System (2nd meeting)
    • 2008. 07. Introduction meeting with the Ministry of Environment on Production History Tracking System (3rd Meeting)
  • 2009~2010
    • 2009. 08. Supported bicycle management system by Ministry of Public Administration and Security
    • 2010. 02. Adoption of bicycle management system of Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • 2013
    • 2013. 08. Company introduction at Women Sense Magazine
    • 2013. 12. Completed NS CODE application development
  • 2014
    • 2014. 02. Export of paprika to Japan with NS CODE
    • 2014. 02. Company introduction at E-Daily Newspaper
    • 2014. 03. Company introduction at ECONOMY CEO
    • 2014. 04. Company introduction at Sisa Magazine
    • 2014. 05. Korea Newspaper Internet newspaper article
    • 2014. 05 The 8th Korea Green Energy Excellence Award
    • 2014. 08. Company introduction at Dynamic Korea
  • 2016
    • 2016. 03. Company introduction at Joe Young-gu’s Trend Hot Issue
    • 2016. 06. Company introduction at SBS Life Economic
    • 2016. 09. Company introduction at Sisa Magazine 2580 (cover story)
    • 2016. 09. Company introduction at Current News
    • 2016. 03. Korea Future Creation Management Award
    • 2016. 03. Customer Satisfaction & Brand Leader in Korea
    • 2016. 04. Korea Power Leader Target
    • 2016. 04. Best innovation for companies & brands
    • 2016. 11. Lee Bong-ju appoints outside director
  • 2017
    • 2017. 04. Released “ENS SKYWATER” with NS CODE applied to production history system

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